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Loyalty to one’s old School seems to me to be of the same nature as our duty to our parents, and when they are in need of help, we must be ready to give it. I feel very confident that this virtue will not be lacking at Bishop’s College in the days to come as it never has in the past.

– Sister Mary Kathleen, March 25, 1942


Throughout its life the School has been served by most loyal members of staff who have been concerned with not only establishing a high standard of academic education but also with developing the spirit of the School Motto – Non Sibi Sed Omnibus – a spirit carried out by devoted Members of the Past Pupils’ Association, always ready to give generously of time and money to support the School when need has arisen.

– Sister Celestine, (Principal 1945-1949)


To develop, guide, encourage and increase a sense of fellowship, goodwill and tradition among past pupils especially the younger generation with one another and with the College.


To promote activities for the benefit of the College. To make recommendations to the authorities concerned for the better management and administration of the College.

It gives me great joy to write this first message to you as the new President of our esteemed Association which is in its 123rd year.

The Main Objectives of the Association are to guide, encourage and increase a sense of fellowship and goodwill whilst upholding the traditions of the Association and to promote activities for the benefit of the College. I invite all of you to join us, the Ex-co, by organising and participating in activities to achieve these objectives. In the recent past many class batches have come forward to organize events and we hope that more of you will get in touch with us and spearhead such projects.

We look forward to working closely with our Alma Mater to further build stronger ties which are already a part of our rich heritage. I am confident that with the support all of you have continually extended to the Association, we would be able to contribute to take Bishop’s College to greater heights.

There will be a line-up of events drawn up by the Executive Committee as we get closer to celebrating 125 years of the Association in 2021. Please ensure that you do not miss a thing.

Thank you to all who sent me beautiful messages assuring me of your support. Your heart warming words are a true encouragement as I take on this new appointment and work towards fulfilling its goals.


God Bless you all and may God Bless Bishop’s College!

Minal Ranatunga

The PPA was inaugurated in 1896. In 1909 the Old Girls Association offered a Scholarship at the School Prize Giving. At the School Prize Day held in 1912 Mabel Roberts received the first Gold Medal presented by the PPA, a tradition that has been continuing since.


Excerpts from “Reminiscences” By Grace Van Dort


“My Early recollections of Bishop’s Gate School are vague. I must have been about 10 years of age then. Miss. Dawn (Mrs. Drew) was Principal. The School apparently moved to Kent House in Maradana…” “Some of the old girls made a move to form and Association. This did not have much encouragement from the Sisters who were convent bred…” “The enthusiasm of this body however carried the day as it was backed by the Clergy and the Old Girls Association was inaugurated by a Cinderella Dance held at Waverly House to which all old boys were invited…” “With the kind consent of the Principal the Old Girls Association was permitted to meet once monthly in the College Grounds for tea and outdoor sports which took the mild form of croquet and archery there being no tennis courts anticipated at that period.”


Message by the Bishop of Colombo in 1918


“Please give my greetings to the Old Girl’s Association of Bishop’s College and tell them how much I wish that the Association should grow in life reality and be a spiritual and social bond between them and their old School. I should like them to believe that their Association can be of increasing value to the College and themselves, it is looked at from a high ideal. I should like to thank them very sincerely for the spirit they have shown in helping the College in a material way by their kind contribution towards the new class room; for such sympathy and help is very encouraging to the Principal and to us all.”   –  The Lord Bishop of Colombo, Rt. Revd. E A Copleston, 25th July 1918.

Executive Committee 2019/2021


Ms. Sharmila Gunatilleke  – Patron  /Ex-Officio

Minal Ranatunga – President

Rajitha Jayasuriya  – Vice President

Niro Waidyaratne – Vice President

Zahara Maruzook – Advisor

Shyama Perera – Advisor

Sunella Dissanayeke MohottiHony. Jt. Secretary

Hasnah Mohideen – Hony. Jt. Secretary

Lakmali Wickremesooriya – Hony. Treasurer 

Ashvini  Perera – Hony. Assistant Treasurer

Savithri Wijesekera  – Representative  to the Board of Governors 

Delani Mitchell – Hony. Membership Co-ordinator

Prashanthi Mallawarachchi (Immediate Past President)


Committee Members:


Sonali Dias Melanie Kanaka
Dushy Wickramanayake Nuzat Mowjood
Anne Coorey Sharika Cooray
Tharanga de Silva Fadhiya Rahumathulla S. Saleem
Nishika Fernando Anushka Tennekoon
Gayani Surendra Kavindi Wijesekera


BC PPA Patron & Vice Patrons


Patron: Dr. Philine Peiris

12 Vice Patrons:

Mrs. Ninette Silva, Mrs. Mirza Jaafer, Mrs. Ann Anthonis, Mrs. Malkanthi Perera,
Mrs.Kamini De Soysa, Mrs. Nimala Attygalle, Mrs. Clarice Dias, Mrs. Indrani Kirella,
Mrs. Veena Jayasundara, Mrs. Mohini Thambiah, Mrs. Lindley Jayasuriya,
Mrs. Valarie Roland

Past Presidents of the Bishop’s College Past Pupils Association


1896- 1915   –
1916/1917 – Rt. Revd. E A Copleston
191819/19 – Rt. Revd. E A Copleston
1920 – 1937 –
1938 – Lady Hilda Obeysekera
1941– Mrs. E L F De Soysa – Kandy PPA Branch
1942– Mrs. E G Jonklaas – Kandy PPA Branch
1943 – Mrs. B K De Silva
1944 – 1954   –
1955 – Vice President Mrs. M. Toussaint
1956/1957 – Mrs. Nalini Wickremasinghe
1958/1959 – Mrs. Mohideen Cader
1960   –
1961/1962 – Mrs. Lolita Cooke
1963 – Mrs. Lolita Cooke
1964 -65   –
1966 – Mrs. E T De Mel
1967/68 – Mrs. E R De Silva
1969 – Mrs. Shirley De Silva
1970/1971 – Mrs. Carmen Gunasekara
1972/1973 – Mrs. Sita Seneviratne
1974/1975 – Mrs. Sita Seneviratne
1976/1977 – Mrs. Glen Perera
1978/1979 – Mrs. Pamela Fernando
1980/1982 – Mrs. Goolbai Gunasekera
1982/1984 – Mrs. Manelle Wanigatunga
1984/1986 – Mrs. Sithy Ossman
1986/1988 – Mrs. Sunetra Illangakoon
1988/1990 – Mrs. Manel Perera
1990/1991 – Mrs. Jennifer Ingleton
1991/1993 – Mrs. Fathima Sadique
1993/1995 – Mrs. Kamini De Soysa
1995/1996 – Mrs. Irene Wanigaratne
1996/1997 – Mrs. Ann Anthonis (Acting)
1997/1999 – Mrs. Ann Anthonis
1999/2001 – Mrs. Charika Muttiah
2001/2003 – Mrs. Ramola Sivasundaram
2003/2004 – Mrs. Indrani Dias
2004/2005 – Mrs. Asma Jeevunjee
2005/2007 – Mrs. Mazeena Luckmanjee
2007/2009 – Mrs. Shyama Perera
2009/2011 – Mrs. Savitri Wijesekere
2011/2013 – Mrs. Michele Wickremasekere
2013/2015 – Mrs. Sonali Dias
2015/2017 – Mrs. Delani Pietersz Mitchell
2017/2019 – Mrs. Prashanthi Mallawarachchi
2019/2021 – Mrs. Minal Ranatunga


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